Verkada is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that strengthens safety while simplifying ownership. Designed with ease of use at top of mind, Verkada’s product lines provide unparalleled visibility through a single pane of glass. 

Verkada’s solutions have a range of features, including on-board storage and processing capabilities, the ability to manage doors and users across multiple locations, the ability to personalize the check-in experience for visitors, and integration with active directories and other cameras and access control systems. These features allow for real-time insights and global access.

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Video Surveillance

Verkada's hybrid cloud security cameras offer real-time event analysis and powerful computer vision technology for efficient incident investigations. The centralized web-based platform, Command, allows users to quickly search for relevant footage using features like motion detection, people analytics, and vehicle analytics. Verkada cameras are available in a range of form factors and can be accessed from virtually anywhere on any device without the need for additional downloads or configurations. 

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Access Control

Verkada access control combines enterprise-grade access control with a powerful, cloud-based management platform for a solution that’s always simple, secure, and ready for scale. Verkada's Access Controller allows users to easily manage doors and building access across their organization through the Verkada Command platform. The Access Controller works with existing door hardware and readers and can be managed from any device. The Verkada Command platform also integrates with active directory platforms and seamlessly connects access control and cameras to provide real-time video analytics on access events.

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Verkada Guest

Verkada Guest is a visitor management system that simplifies check–in while strengthening security. With features like touchless check–in, customized guest flows, document signing, and an intuitive interface, visitor management has never been easier. Guest enables organizations to manage the entire visitor experience – from check-in to check–out. This allows organizations to take advantage of the pre-built video and access control integrations – whether it’s reviewing video of visitor activity or remotely unlocking doors for specific guests. 

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