Kontek Raider Plates

Armor Plates – NIJ – III+

Kontek’s raider plate set includes NIJ-III certified and NIJ-III+ tested ballistic plates for plate carriers that are best suited for law enforcement, security, and civilian markets.

If you are in need of an affordable NIJ certified plate for an active shooter response kit, for an emergency responder kit, or if you are looking for a certified plate at a great price point, the Raider line of armor from Kontek will meet your mission needs.

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Raider Plate Features

  • Material – Ballistic Steel 600T
  • Coating - Black Polyurea
  • Thickness - 6mm
  • Cuts - 8" x 10" or 10" x 12" Shooters Cut
  • Weight - 5 lbs. (8"x10") - 7.5 lbs. (10"x12")
  • Curve - Flat (Type-F) or Single Curve (Type-III)

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Kontek Raider Plates Body Armor
Kontek Raider Plate Body Armor
level III Armor Plates
Kontek Armor Plate Threat Performance Matrix-1

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Benefits of Kontek's Raider Plates   

  • The Raider Plate Series is designed to be affordable, reliable and NIJ-III certified, plus NIJ-III+ third party lab tested to stop the threats from M855, M193 and 7.62 x 39mm.
  • The Type – III and Type – F plates provide multi-hit capability for both rifle and pistol threats.
  • Shooter's Cut offers comfortable fitting for the shooter’s shoulder pocket and still maximizing critical organ coverage.
  • The Raider Plate series offers a flat variant (Type – F) for those looking to move on a budget and still get a great NIJ-III certified plate.
  • The Type – III variant, which is a single curve plate, offers an enhanced ergonomic fit, for those wearing body armor for longer durations.

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