Personal Defensive Fighting Position


Kontek’s Personal Defensive Fighting Position system furnishes custom sized ballistic protection up to and including .50 caliber AP.

The use of high-tech composite materials offering the same protection heavier metal protection provides mobility to this product. Ballistic rated windows and shoot ports can be configured to meet the specific requirements for the application.

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  • Rated for a threat of multiple strikes at specified protection level
  • 3-sided protection
  • Lightweight design easily maneuverable
  • Each protected face available with ballistic rated windows and ballistic rated shoot ports
  • Easily configured to meet any requirements and protection including UL Levels 1 through 8; NIJ I through IV and .50 caliber armor piercing
  • (4) ball bearing wheel assemblies provide 360º mobility
  • Height adjustable lift (”0 – 3”) to permit movement over uneven floor surface
  • Assembly can be raised and lowered by either hand crank or hydraulic option

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