Tactical Training and Range Solutions

Kontek Industries specializes in tactical training and range solutions for DOD, nuclear facilities, law enforcement, and a wide range of other organizations. Our custom fabricated solutions are designed to provide a safe and relevant training solutions for your employees.

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Kontek Industries Mobile Shoot House

Mobile Modular Shoot House

The MMSH is designed to provide realistic training in Close Quarters Combat in our mobile modular shoot house.

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Mobile Tactical Training Wall

Designed to be a cost-effective solution to provide safe and realistic training for operators to replicate firing from weapons ports.

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Range Barricades

Our tactical range line includes training products that can be built to your specifications to mimic the defensive and fighting positions.

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BTI Lite Door Product

Breach Technologies Inc.

Kontek's partnership with Breaching Technologies Inc. provides clients and future clients with international defense solutions.

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LRAD Acoustic Solutions

LRAD systems broadcast live or recorded voice messages with exceptional clarity in any operational or training scenario.

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Kontek Industries also provides; Vehicle Bollards, Security Fencing, Guard Booths, Turnstiles, and Target Hardening.

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