Mobile-Modular Tactical Training Wall

Kontek’s Mobile-Modular Tactical Training Wall (MTW) is designed to be a cost-effective solution to provide safe and realistic training for operators to replicate firing from weapons ports, defensive positions and view ports in a light, rapid deployment package.


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  • Provides two modular sections for various tactical accessories
  • Constructed from resilient polymers for rigid structure; designed to be safe for range training, helps prevent ricochets
  • Accessories such as sliding ports, hands-free ports, protected ball-ports, windows and view ports can be swapped in minutes
  • Capable of being outfitted with lighting systems for tactical low light and night time exercises
  • Stows in collapsible/folded position for easy storage when not in use

Quick Setup

Allows operators to setup and train in various scenarios by utilizing the lightweight and modular design.

Safety Requirements

Constructed from plastics and fiberglass to provide a range of safe solutions.

Low Cost

Low maintenance, keeping overall project costs down

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