Mobile Fighting Position Lite V2

MFP-Lite | Ballistic Shield

Kontek’s Mobile Fighting Position (MFP) – Lite V2 is a rapid deployment ballistic shield and barricade that protects operators from incoming rounds up to .30 cal AP.

The fighting position can be deployed in seconds and its small form factor allows it to be hand carried or stored in the trunk of a vehicle.


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SWAT Units

An MFP can be deployed in seconds and will pair efficiently with the weapons that SWAT units are equipped with. Automatic and specialized firearms can be easily utilized behind an MFP and officers can also maintain protection while using non-lethal weapons such as smoke bombs and stun grenades.



Nuclear Security

Nuclear security officers are responsible for protecting critical infrastructure and assets such as nuclear and radiological material from threats. MFPs can help these officers protect facilities by providing mobility and tactical advantages in key areas, making them more versatile in their protection efforts.



Educational Institutions 

MFPs can be used to enhance mobility and versatility in responding to active shooter situations in school facilities, allowing officers to confront attackers from key areas and keep them confined away from students and faculty. MFPs can also be designed to blend in with everyday items in the building, making them less noticeable until they are needed.


Benefits of Kontek's Mobile Fighting Position Lite V2 (MFP)

  • Provides enhanced cover against pistol and rifle rounds to the operator
  • Increases operator survivability and lethality
  • Allows operators to respond and defend against hasty/rapid development attacks
  • Provides a low-cost solution when looking to enhance operators’ survivability and mobility in kinetic engagements
  • Low cost of ownership and minimal preventative maintenance

Kontek Industries offers threat and vulnerability assessments for organizations looking to enhance their security and defense. We will work with you to develop the right solution for your needs. Please contact us with any questions by filling out the form or call us directly at (704) 273-5040.

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