Remote Operated Weapons System

Kontek designs and fabricates the Remote Operated Weapons System (ROWS) Tower to accept any system and combination of surveillance and weapons technologies.

It is a ballistic and blast-rated vertical platform with systems that perform advanced surveillance, detection and assessment as well as defeat attacks by aggressors, rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and vehicle borne threats. As a force multiplier, the ROWS Tower provides a hardened platform for any all-quadrant tactical defensive detection system employing non-lethal and/or lethal means with minimal cost and exposure to any facilities and defending forces.

The ROWS Tower and its accompanying systems provide stand-alone capabilities which can be included as part of a larger network of ROWS Towers in a system of coordinated perimeter physical security measures.

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  • Up to 0.50 Caliber armor piercing ballistic rating with up to 105 PSI exterior blast reflective pressure rating
  • Provides effective protected force with minimal exposure 
  • Minimal site preparation
  • Pre-cast foundation option eliminates permanent concrete foundation requirements
  • Design can accommodate any situational, weapon and control system technology
  • Stand-alone or networked system capability
  • Optional RPG Pre-Detonation Screen System
  • Custom configuration and sizing available based on needs
  • Epoxy and painted finishes available
ROWS on Kontek Structure

Quick Setup

Allows operators to respond and defend against hasty/rapid development attacks

Safety Requirements

Provides enhanced cover against pistol and rifle rounds to the operator

low cost

Low maintenance, keeping overall project costs down

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