Modular Blast Barriers

Kontek’s MBB barrier system furnishes crash/blast protection up to and including a 200 lb. TNT blast along with a 20,000-lb. vehicle at 50 mph.

Kontek will design the barrier system to include all transition barriers and is capable of providing an end-to-end installation (optional) across any surface or terrain.

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  • Designed and tested to withstand and immobilize a 200 lb. TNT bomb blast and a 20,000-lb. vehicle traveling at 50 mph
  • Easy to quickly deploy and reconfigure • Does not require site preparation or foundations
  • Forklift compatible design
  • Built-in top lift Inserts
  • 5,000 PSI high-strength steel-reinforced concrete
  • No construction required - precast design easily shipped and installed
  • Planter cavities for flowers and greenery (Optional)
  • Patented design utilizes an internal barrier to barrier connection for fast installation
  • Various architectural finishes available upon request (Optional)

Quick Setup

Setup quickly and easily with a complete modular build that requires no excavation

Safety Requirements

Provides a massive security barrier system

Improved Safety

Low maintenance, keeping overall project costs down

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Protecting Our Infrastructure

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