Modular Blast Barriers

Kontek’s Modular Blast Barriers represent a remarkable innovation in the field of safety and security infrastructure. These advanced systems are designed to provide reliable protection against the devastating effects of blasts, whether caused by explosions, accidents, or other hazardous events.

The MBB furnishes crash/blast protection up to and including a 200 lb. TNT blast along with a 20,000-lb. vehicle at 50 mph. Kontek will design the barrier system to include all transition barriers and is capable of providing an end-to-end installation (optional) across any surface or terrain.

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  • Designed and tested to withstand and immobilize a 200 lb. TNT bomb blast and a 20,000-lb. vehicle traveling at 50 mph
  • Easy to quickly deploy and reconfigure 
  • Does not require site preparation or foundations
  • Forklift compatible design
  • Built-in top lift inserts
  • 5,000 PSI high-strength steel-reinforced concrete
  • No construction required - precast design easily shipped and installed
  • Planter cavities for flowers and greenery (optional)
  • Patented design utilizes an internal barrier-to-barrier connection for fast installation
  • Various architectural finishes available upon request (optional)

Mitigate the Impact of Explosions

By absorbing and redirecting the force of the explosion, these barriers help prevent damage to structures and equipment, reduce the risk of injury to personnel, and limit the potential for collateral damage. This aspect is particularly crucial for high-risk areas such as military bases, industrial facilities, and crowded public events.


Quick Setup

Setup quickly and easily with a complete modular build that requires no excavation

Safety Requirements

Provides a massive security barrier system

Improved Safety

Low maintenance, keeping overall project costs down

Defend Against Vehicle Crashes

K-ratings play a pivotal role in indicating the level of protection a barrier offers against vehicular impact. The K-rating system, recognized globally, provides a standardized way to quantify a barrier's ability to withstand specific vehicular impact speeds and weights, thus highlighting its security strength.

The K-ratings recognized by the Department of Defense (DOD) are as follows:Vehicle Crash K Ratings

These ratings are assigned based on the speed and weight of the impacting vehicle, with higher ratings indicating a barrier's increased ability to thwart potentially devastating vehicle-borne attacks. Kontek's Modular Blast Barrier is rated at K12+ with the ability to withstand a 20,000-lb. vehicle traveling at 50 mph.


The K12+ rating of the Modular Blast Barrier underscores its exceptional strength and resilience, showcasing its capability to repel formidable forces and safeguard against a wide range of vehicular threats. In the spectrum of K-ratings, K12 represents barriers that provide the highest level of protection, signifying its proficiency in countering even determined vehicular assault attempts.

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