Gun Port | Turret

Kontek’s GP3-M turret-port weapon engagement system gives the operator industry-leading ballistic and blast protection.

The GP3-M provides a clear field of view while allowing the operator to fire from complete protection without exposure to the enemy.

Ideal for integration into guard booths, barricades, ballistic walls - doors - windows and armored vehicles. 


GP3-M Features

  • Available up to .50 cal AP protection
  • Designed to match the blast and ballistic protection associated with the rest of the structure
  • The turret module provides complete protection to the operator while allowing the operator to return fire from cover
  • Modular ballistic glass replacement cartridge
    systems allow for rapid deployment
  • Fits into all existing Kontek weapons ports in minutes
  • Retrofits into non-Kontek weapons ports through various mounting methods
  • Can be mounted to flared/angled walls
  • The adapter allows the use of training equipment through the GP3-M Turret Port

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