Personal Tactical Equipment & Services

Kontek Industries specializes in threat assessments and firearm solutions for DOD, nuclear facilities, law enforcement, and a wide range of other organizations.  

Kontek's partnerships with Armor Express, Blueridge Armor and Tac-Tote provides a diverse set of solutions for personal armor, team armor and tactical storage systems. 


Kontek Threat Assessments and Firearms

Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

Kontek Industry provides threat and vulnerability assessments for local, state, and federal law enforcement organizations in the United States.

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Kontek Industries Raider Plates

Kontek Raider Plates

Kontek’s raider plate set includes NIJ-III certified and NIJ-III+ tested ballistic plates for plate carriers that are best suited for law enforcement, security, and civilian markets.

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Carrier Armor Express-1

Armor Express Tactical Body Armor

Kontek Industries is an authorized distributor of Armor Express tactical solutions. We have you covered from head to toe.

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Tac-Tote Products

Tac-Tote Tactical Storage

If there is a need to stage and deploy response equipment, Tac-Tote is the better, more cost-effective tactical storage solution.

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Guardian Defense Shield 1

Blue Ridge Armor

BlueRidge Armor offers custom armor and protective equipment design services to agencies with specialized operational and tactical requirements.

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Busch PROtective Product

Busch PROtective

Kontek Industries is an authorized distributor of Busch PROtective.  Find the right ballistic helmets for you and your security team.

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