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Busch PROtective entered the law enforcement market with the world’s first non-metal VPAM3 certified helmet. In 2018 Busch PROtective expanded globally and opened a subsidiary in the United States to provide faster service and local assembly/distribution to the growing North American market.

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Busch PROtective


In 2019 our ballistic helmets were the only ballistic helmets in the world to garner the distinguished DEA-FBI Ballistic Helmet Protocol certification.

We are proud to say that the United States Department of Justice (FBI, DEA, USMS & ATF) trusts our AMP-1 TP with their head protection. SWAT teams all over the world wear our helmets as well. Police officers in Germany, Asia, and the Americas keep our ballistic helmets in their cars, for if and when they need them.

For more information about our protective helmets offerings through Busch PROtective; please visit: busch-protective.com

Busch PROtective Helmet AMP-1E


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Busch PROtective Helmet AMP1TP


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Busch PROtective Helmet AMH2


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