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Breaching is arguably the most important part of a tactical operation. It is imperative that tactical teams get inside to achieve their objective. BTI has designed its doors to practice tactical breaching in the most realistic way possible. The BTI patented system utilizes a color coded shear pin system that replicate real life forces as it relates to standard door construction. It is now possible for breach training instructors to set up multiple scenarios to replicate standard residential construction, commercial construction, barricaded scenarios or secondary breach point scenarios. 

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The BTI pin system is engineered to break at exact forces that operators encounter in the field. This has inspired BTI to offer multiple breach training systems such as ram doors, pry doors,hydraulic doors, shotgun breaching doors and explosive training doors. 
There are many breach training systems out there that look like BTI doors but only BTI has a patented shear pin system that replicate real life forces.Training on other systems may open up liability issues should methods of training be questioned in a court of law. BTI has stringent quality control methods to ensure that the engineered pins shear at the proper point to replicate actual door forces. This absolves all liability issues should your breach training methods be questioned. 

Other systems that use wooden dowels cannot be accurately and reliably measured to replicate real life forces. BTI has experimented with actual doors under the supervision of structural engineers and found the actual pounds per square inch needed to disrupt lock mechanisms during a breach. 

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