Tac-Tote Storage 

Strength and Versatility. These product attributes give you the ability to explore countless new options on how you employ your resources.

  • Provide rapid access to supplies and ammunition.
  • Designed to be a cost effective.
  • Easily incorporate into an existing or developing defensive plan.
  • Magnetic adherence maximizes available steel infrastructure.
  • Inventory Controls.
  • Police Patrol Vehicle Placement for rapid access to ammunition and medical kit.
  • SWAT Armored Vehicle Placement for rapid access to ammunition and medical kit.



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From Nuclear Power Plants to Waterborne Vessels traveling in hazardous waters, SWAT Teams or Local Law Enforcement to our valued Educational Facilities. If there is a need to stage and deploy response equipment, Tac-Tote is the better, more cost effective solution.

For more information about  our protective armor offerings through Tac-Tote; please visit: https://tac-tote.com


The Tac-Tote

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The STO Bag


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Cadre Tac-Tote


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ESS4 Tac-Tote

ESS4 Panel

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The Secure Tac-Tote

The Secure Tac-Tote

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Mini Cadre Tac-Tote

Mini Cadre

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Protecting Our Infrastructure

Kontek Industries provides some of the most advanced security solutions to protect personnel, equipment and the world's critical infrastructure. Kontek's value is realized and demonstrated by our rapid response and innovation enhanced with the ability to quickly design, build, test, certify, and implement pedigreed solutions to protect assets and resources from exposure to threats.