Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

Kontek's elite team of physical security experts work hand in hand with organizations to survey, assess, and provide recommendations on security gaps, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities.

We provide threat and vulnerability assessments for nuclear power plants, law enforcement organizations, schools, correctional facilities and many other types of facilities.

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What to expect...

  • Increase in security & situational awareness
  • A dedicated team of experts will inspect, review and assess the current security climate
  • A detailed report of the assessment and findings are provided
  • Reporting includes details on layout, existing procedures, countermeasures, and vulnerabilities.
  • The report will recommend cost-effective solutions to cover gaps and weaknesses in physical security assets, procedures and infrastructure

Benefits of Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

  • Clear view of potential vulnerabilities and loopholes
  • Detailed improvements of safety procedures 
  • Minimized exposure to outside threats
  • Better emergency response
  • Enhanced access control and perimeter protection
  • Lower chances of infiltration and security breaches
  • Cost-effective solutions

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Step 1

A dedicated team of experts, review, and assess the current security climate.

Step 2

A detailed report of the assessment and findings are provided.

Step 3

Increase in security & situational awareness.

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