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Magos Systems was founded in 2010 with a vision to bring advanced radar technologies to the civilian markets. The company offers extensive know-how and specializes in the development of innovative, high-performance, cost-effective ground-based radars. Magos' perimeter security solution seamlessly integrates with many VMS (video management systems) and PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera models, and together with its unique MASS+AI technology provides exact video-based object classification to cut down nuisance alarms to near zero without compromising threat detection capabilities.

With a broad international experience in hundreds of installations for over 40 countries, Magos provides comprehensive and advanced security solutions for multiple verticals.

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Magos' radars combine superior range resolution (less than 1m), an angle resolution lower than 0.7°, and wide coverage of up to 120°X30° allowing for near-perfect detection for all types of threats even in the most challenging cluttered environments and in all weather conditions. This solution utilizes the state of the art MIMO & Digital Beamforming technology. Radars has an area coverage of over 23,500m² (>6 acres) to 810,000m² (>200 acres) and a detection range of 150m to 1,000m for walker/vehicle/boat.

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Magos MASS+AI is a cutting-edge solution for controlling, monitoring, and managing real-time intrusion events. The MASS software controls Magos Radar sensors, PTZ cameras, and Magos’ proprietary AI algorithmic engine and provides a fully automated threat response system. The MASS easily integrates to almost all VMS systems to handle video recording and event logging.

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