Blast & Ballistic Rated Guard Booths

Kontek Industries specializes in blast & ballistic rated guard booths and enclosures for the Department of Defense (DOD), nuclear facilities, Department of Energy (DOE), law enforcement, and a wide range of other organizations. 

Our custom fabricated enclosures are designed to protect your staff from attacks while providing a multitude of capabilities and clear field of vision for counter-attacks. 


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Guard Booths - Kontek Industries

Guard Booths

Guard booths and guard shacks are designed to keep personnel protected from threats. Our guard booths are designed to be portable or permanent.

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Ballistic Rated Enclosures 

Each unit is designed, built, and equipped to meet any requirements and shipped fully operational ready to provide immediate safety

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Mobile Blast Rated Enclosure

Mobile Ballistic Rated Enclosure

Each unit is constructed to Kontek Industries' proprietary designs proven to exceed UL 752 Level 8 and NIJ-IV standards.

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Mobile Elevated Blast Rated Enclosure

Elevated Mobile Ballistic Rated Enclosure

Each unit is designed, built, and equipped to meet any requirements or specific design requests your organization may need.

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Tower Elevated Guard Booth

Tower Elevated Ballistic Rated Enclosure

The precast foundation does not require excavation and the elevated enclosure unit can be relocated.

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Environmental Enclosure

Environmental Enclosures

Designed to provide protection from the elements, social proximity standards, to better protect your facility and staff.

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