Ballistic Glass

Kontek is a leader in designing and supplying ballistic glass & window systems with protection for UL 752 and NIJ standards up to and including .50 caliber armor piercing projectiles. Our engineers will custom design a solution, so the dimensions and security requirements will fit the needs of your facility. Whether it is new installations of our bulletproof glass or updating current structures, Kontek can provide our expertise to your team along the way.

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Benefits of Kontek's Ballistic Glass:

  • Provides lifesaving countermeasures from 9mm projectiles up to .50 cal AP ammunition
  • New window installations or retrofitting of existing windows are custom built quickly and affordably by trained professionals
  • Kontek's unique ballistic window retrofit kit will allow you to keep your existing commercial glass and mount ballistic glass to the interior. Keeping the exterior aesthetics of the building the same. 
  • Improve the safety and survivability of people within the buildings and structures that you look to protect with bullet resistant polycarbonate glass
  • Have the advantage of installing new glass into existing windows or weapons ports; making use of existing infrastructure to save you time and money
  • A variety of window tint options are available, to include one-way mirror tinting
  • Decorative window furnishings available (decals, engraving, etc.)

Kontek Industries offers threat and vulnerability assessments for organizations looking to enhance their security and defense. We will work with you to develop the right solution for your ballistic and bulletproof glass needs. Please contact us with any questions by filling out the form or call us directly at (704) 273-5040.

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