Ballistic Glass

Kontek is a leader in designing and supplying ballistic glass & window systems with protection for UL 752 and NIJ standards up to and including .50 caliber armor piercing projectiles. Our engineers will custom design a solution, so the dimensions and security requirements will fit the needs of your facility. Whether it is new installations of our bulletproof glass or updating current structures, Kontek can provide our expertise to your team along the way.

Benefits of Kontek's Ballistic Glass:

  • Provides lifesaving countermeasures from 9mm projectiles up to .50 cal AP ammunition
  • New window installations or retrofitting of existing windows are custom built quickly and affordably by trained professionals
  • Kontek's unique ballistic window retrofit kit will allow you to keep your existing commercial glass and mount ballistic glass to the interior. Keeping the exterior aesthetics of the building the same. 
  • Improve the safety and survivability of people within the buildings and structures that you look to protect with bullet resistant polycarbonate glass
  • Have the advantage of installing new glass into existing windows or weapons ports; making use of existing infrastructure to save you time and money


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Ballistic Glass Features:

  • New interior & exterior window installations 
  • Replacement solutions
  • Complete window replacement
  • Retrofit weapons port and window replacement
  • Weapons port integrated into glass (shoot through glass)
  • Variety of tinting options including reflective mirror tint
  • Decorative window furnishings available (decals, engraving, etc.)


More information about ballistic glass

Ballistic Glass Block Example

The UL Rating System's Ballistic Glass Ratings


The 8 levels Include:

Level 1: Must be able to stop three 9 mm full metal jacket projectiles traveling at 1,175 feet per second

Level 2: Must be able to stop three .357 magnum soft points traveling at 1,250 feet per second

Level 3: Must be able to stop three .44 magnum rounds traveling at 1,350 feet per second

Level 4: Must be able to withstand one .30 caliber rifle shot traveling at 2,540 feet per second

Level 5: Must resist at least one shot of 7.62 full metal jacket rounds traveling at 2,750 feet per second

Level 6: Must be able to withstand hits from at least five 9 mm rounds traveling at 1,400 feet per second

Level 7: Must be able to withstand multiple hits from a 5.56 rifle using full metal jacket rounds that travel at 3,080 feet per second

Level 8: This is the highest level of protection. It must be able to stop at least five shots from a 7.62 mm rifle.


The NIJ Rating System's Six Ballistic Glass Ratings


The NIJ standards are as follows:

Type 1 provides protection against 22 LR, .38 special, 12 gauge #4 lead shot and most 25 and 32 handgun calibers.

Type II-A provides protection against lower velocity 357 Magnum rounds, 9 mm rounds, 12-gauge 00 buckshot, .38 special-p rounds, and 45 auto rounds.

Type II provides protection against higher velocity 357 magnum rounds, 9 mm rounds and 44 magnum rounds.

Type III-A provides protection against 44 magnum rounds, submachine gun 9 mm rounds and most handgun rounds.

Type III provides protection against high-powered rifle rounds, 5.56 full metal jacket rounds, 30 Carbine full metal jacket rounds and 12-gauge rifle slugs.

Type IV provides protection against armor-piercing rifle rounds.

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What is Ballistic Glass?

The ballistic glass definition, in a nutshell, is bulletproof glass. It’s not actually, glass. The types of ballistic glass include bulletproof acrylic, laminated polycarbonate, and glass clad polycarbonate.

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Is Ballistic Glass Bulletproof? Ballistic Glass & Armor Solutions

What's the difference between bulletproof glass and ballistic glass? Learn the protection advantages and limits of ballistic glass today!

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Ballistic Glass Stops More Than Bullets: Prevent Riot Destruction

Bullets aren't the only threat to your facility. Learn more about protecting your glass material from riot situations today!

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Kontek Industries offers threat and vulnerability assessments for organizations looking to enhance their security and defense. We will work with you to develop the right solution for your ballistic and bulletproof glass needs. Please contact us with any questions by filling out the form or call us directly at (704) 273-5040.

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