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High-Security Security Fencing

Kontek Industries has partnered with strategic partners to provide elite perimeter fencing solutions.  

ARX specializes in offering physical barriers of multiple types. Each barrier is effective on its own. When used in concert with additional products in the ARX Perimeter line of products, you can achieve a multi layered, redundant system that provides a safe environment for your people, places and things. Prevention of VAAW (Vehicle As A Weapon) attacks is a very real concern in today’s environment. Our Multi-disciplinary approach to each project whether it be temporary or permanent, includes evaluation, design, bespoke/custom manufacturing, installation and maintenance all resulting in robust physical security measures to protect people and infrastructure from both deliberate and accidental incidents..  

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The ARX High-Security Fence is an anti-scalable rapid deployment fence system designed to be used in the event of anticipated protests, non-peaceful protests, demonstrations, high profile court cases, music festivals, sporting events, political conventions, construction sites, critical infrastructure locations, and more. The anti-scale fence is 100% surface mounted and adaptable to varying levels of potential threats. It utilizes tamper proof security bolts throughout the entire system to ensure the bolts and securing plates cannot be tampered or loosed from the threat side. The panels cannot be lifted or pulled out of position. 


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Kontek Industries also provides; Vehicle Bollards, Security Fencing, Guard Booths, Turnstiles, and Target Hardening.

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