Training Range Barricade


Kontek’s Training Range Barricade is designed to be a cost-effective solution to provide strategic, safe and realistic training for operators to replicate fire and movement from defensive positions in a light, rapid deployment package.

  • Constructed from resilient polymers for rigid structure; designed to be safe for range training, helps prevent ricochets.
  • Select from an existing catalog of designs or create your own custom barricade design with our team. 
  • Supports mobile applications for placement of directional fire and target acquiring patterns.
  • Stows easily for simple storage solutions when not in use.
  • Wheels can be removed for static defensive positions and/or variations of range terrain.
  • Check out Kontek's unique, multi-role training barricade, the Warfighter. Designed to fit a multitude of training profiles. 
Murder Hole

Benefits of Kontek's Training Range Barricade

  • Cost effective training tool to teach proper firing techniques from static and/or mobile defensive position(s).
  • Modular build allows for easy transitioning of strategic maneuvers.
  • Increases variety of training scenarios in shortened time and with a smaller footprint.
  • Gives tactical training instructors flexibility on the range.
  • Provides a safe training environment by using non-ballistic materials.
  • Low cost of ownership and minimal preventative maintenance.

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