Mobile Modular Shoot House (MMSH)

Modular Shoot House | CQB Training System for Permanent and Temporary Training Operations


The Mobile Modular Shoot House is designed to provide realistic training in Close Quarters Combat (CQB) with the use of simunitions and other non-live fire training means to help prepare your tactical team for their mission.

Kontek’s continued response to the need for modular tactical training solutions in law enforcement, military and critical infrastructure security has produced the Mobile Modular Shoot House (MMSH).

  • 4' x 7' PVC panels for walls, doors, and windows
  • 6" x 6" aluminum Universal Quad Connectors
  • Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum support materials
  • Lite breach doors
  • Multiple size options
  • Customizable layout
  • Flexibility to set up indoors or outdoors as needed
  • Can be designed as permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary for varying training scenarios




Customize Your Shoot House With Our MMSH Configurator

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Mobile Modular Shoot House Outdoors
Indoor Modular Shoot House
Portable Shoot House On Training Range

Portable Shoot House Benefits

  • Modular, easy to set up design
  • We can also custom build to fit your specs
  • Create realistic training scenarios for tactical
  • Proprietary connection and lightweight grid
    systems allow for rapid deployment
  • Reconfigure rooms, hallways, and door access in minutes
  • Great for simuntions training and K9 training
  • Weatherproof design
  • Build exact replicas of structures for upcoming live-fire missions for your team 

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Universal Quad Connector

Durable, Reliable, and Proudly American-Made

The inclusion of the Universal Quad Connector within our Mobile Modular Shoot House cements its status as the ultimate choice for tactical training. This connector fortifies the shoot house's structural integrity by securely connecting the modular PVC panels and other elements, allowing for dynamic and realistic training scenarios.

Its precision engineering provides a dependable foundation for challenging and immersive exercises, all proudly manufactured in the United States, making the Mobile Modular Shoot House the best option for patriotic and authentic tactical training.

Connecter for Shoot House
Shoot House Connector top angle
MMSH Connector Side
Shoot House Connector angle 2

Precision-Engineered PVC Panel System

Elevating Tailored Tactical Training Environments

Measuring approximately 4 feet in width and 7 feet in height, these panels offer remarkable versatility, serving as the building blocks for the shoot house's walls, doors, and windows. Their lightweight yet durable construction allows for quick and easy setup, ensuring the shoot house can be swiftly reconfigured to create a wide array of training scenarios.

These PVC panels are manufactured in-house with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing the quality and precision that our customers rely on for their training needs.

Shoot House Door Panels

Wall Modules

Shoot House Solid Wall Panel

Crafted with precision and built for adaptability, our PVC wall panels are the cornerstone of creating dynamic, realistic training scenarios


Window Modules

Shoot House Window Panel

Window panels provide the opportunity to practice tactics related to window breaches, room clearing, and marksmanship


Door Modules

Modular Shoot House Door

Door panels provide a crucial element in tactical training by simulating real entry and exit scenarios, enhancing the authenticity and effectiveness of training


Adjustable Window System

Magnetically Open and Close Windows on the Mobile Modular Shoot House 

Our innovative window panels feature magnetic open-and-close functionality, allowing for realistic window breaches in training scenarios while also providing instructors with a safe vantage point to observe trainees' actions from outside the shoot house.

Windows for Shoot House

Standard Shoot House Packages

Sierra Package (700 sqft. Approx.)
Card image cap

6 door modules - 44 wall modules - 2 lite breach door modules - 2 window modules

Mike Package (1,000 sqft. Approx.)
Card image cap

7 door modules - 60 wall modules - 2 lite breach door modules - 3 window modules

Lima Package (2,000 sqft. Approx.)
Card image cap

12 door modules - 85 wall modules - 4 lite breach door modules - 4 window modules

mobile modular shoot house camera system
portable shoot house camera system

Ariel 5MP Corner Camera Package

Enhance your Mobile Modular Shoot House training with the FLIR Ariel 5MP MMSH Observation Package: The FLIR observation package offers unappareled room coverage, crystal-clear imaging, and seamless integration for unparalleled training playback and review.

MMSH Observation Packages include:

  • FLIR CC3405 Corner IP Cameras with Shoot House Corner Bracket + Waterproof Connector
  • Shielded Ethernet Cable with Waterproof Connectors
  • Velcro Ties
  • FLIR Meridian NVR & Workstation

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Customize Your Layout with the MMSH Configurator

mobile modular shoot house configurator (1)

With our intuitive MMSH Configurator, the possibilities are endless. You can choose from our selection of pre-packaged MMSH Models, including Sierra, Mike, and Lima, each offering unique features and functionalities. Alternatively, unleash your creativity and build your shoot house from scratch!

Our configurator allows you to seamlessly modify the packages to suit your exact layout needs. Add walls, doors, and windows with a simple click, or remove them to create open spaces. The power is in your hands to craft a shoot house that meets your precise specifications.

Create Your Design


Create the Perfect Training Environment

Customized Shoot House Construction

Step into realism. Our shoot house is meticulously designed to replicate real-world scenarios for law enforcement, military, and security teams. This lifelike environment is pivotal in honing tactical skills for critical missions.

The MMSH can help your team prepare for various situations including:

  • Breach and Entry Operations
  • Building Clearing
  • Coordinated SWAT Operations
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Active Shooter Response 
  • High-risk Warrant Service


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