Mobile Modular Shoot House

Portable Shoot House | Training

Kontek’s continued response to the need for modular tactical training solutions in law
enforcement, military and critical infrastructure security has produced the Mobile Modular Shoot House (MMSH).

The MMSH is designed to provide realistic training in Close Quarters Combat (CQB) with the use of simunitions and other non-live fire training means to help prepare your tactical team for their mission.

Portable Shoot House Features

  • Modular, easy to setup design
  • We can also custom build to fit your specs
  • Create realistic training scenarios for tactical
  • Proprietary connection and lightweight grid
    systems allows for rapid deployment
  • Reconfigure rooms, hallways and door access in minutes
  • Great for simuntions training and K9 training
  • Weather proof design
  • Build exact replicas of structures for upcoming live fire missions for your team 

Kontek Industries offers tactical training and other range solutions for law enforcement, DoD, and other sectors in the critical infrastructure sectors. We will work with you to develop the right solution for your tactical training needs. Please contact us with any questions by filling out the form or call us directly at (704) 273-5040.

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