Mobile Truck Bed Fighting Position

MTFP | Modular Design

Kontek’s Modular Truck Bed Fighting Position (MTFP) was designed to have a fully mobile armored position for law enforcement and covert military operators to deploy when responding to active shooter incidents, among other threats and scenarios.

The unit fully folds and collapses when not in use, lying flat in the truck bed, discreetly. The unit takes 30 seconds to deploy and provides NIJ-III protection in 360 degrees.

The MTFP allows operators to both observe and return fire through Kontek’s modular weapons ports and view ports integrated directly into the system.

MTFP - 1
MTFP - 2

Benefits of Kontek's Mobile Truck Bed Fighting Position

  • Provides discreet, yet deployable armor for law enforcement and covert military operations
  • Ideal for responding to active shooter, barricaded suspects and officer down scenarios
  • Used to be integrated into units with minimal or no vehicle armor assets
  • Low cost and minimal preventative maintenance
  • Modular in design for upgrades and accessories as mission needs change

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