Barriers, Gates, and Bollards

Kontek Industries specializes in security barriers, gates, and bollards for DOD, nuclear facilities, law enforcement, and a wide range of other organizations. Our custom fabricated enclosures are designed to protect your staff from attacks while providing a clear field of vision for counter-attacks. 

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Kontek Industries Modular Barrier

Modular Blast Barrier Systems

Setup quickly and easily with a complete modular build that requires no excavation and Provides a massive security barrier system.

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Vehicle Barrier

Barrier1 Systems

Barrier1 has the innovation and expertise to handle design and manufacturing for all of your perimeter security needs.

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Anti Crash Barrier VK8

Anti Crash Vehicle Barrier VK8M

Kontek’s Anti Crash Vehicle VK8 barrier system furnishes crash protection up to and including a 20,000 lb. vehicle at 50 mph.

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Calpipe Security Bollards

Offers a series of ASTM F3016 crash-rated bollards, protecting people and property vulnerable to low speed vehicular impact.

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Reach out to Kontek for additional information on crash gates, crash arms and integrated security fencing solutions. 

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