F117 Mobile Fighting Position


Kontek’s F117 Mobile Fighting Position (MFP) is the highest level of protection and response capability found in any ballistic shield on the market. The F117 is designed to protect from incoming rounds up to .50 cal AP. The fighting position can be deployed in seconds and its form factor and caster system allows it to be mobile across multiple environments. The F117 is a solution to have pre-staged as a defensive position or deployed from a trailer for rapid response scenarios.

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  • Available up to .50 cal AP protection
  • Advanced caster system provides superior mobility for urban environments
  • Three strike face platform allows operators to engage along the front and flanks of the shield while completely protected
  • The integrated GP3 turret weapons port allows operators to engage with a rifle platform will remaining fully protected from incoming rounds
  • Comes in high ballistic ratings both UL 752 and NIJ
  • Custom paint colors available
Mobile Fighting Position

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