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License Plate Reader

Unlock the power of advanced surveillance with our state-of-the-art License Plate Reader (LPR) system, SentriScan LPR. Engineered to provide unmatched security and efficiency, our cloud-based license plate recognition solution brings a new level of intelligence to monitoring and access control.

SentriScan LPR is the epitome of cutting-edge technology seamlessly merged with a user-focused design, creating an all-inclusive solution for high-performance recognition needs on a global scale.

  • Records vehicle make, model, color, and type
  • Collects plate and vehicle image
  • Includes direction detection, event management, and system notifications

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SentriScan License Plate Reader

SentriScan License Plate Reader Features

  • Capture and decipher license plate data, ensuring reliable identification
  • Instantly track and log vehicle movements including direction detection with real-time monitoring capabilities
  • SentriScan Camera, with ANPR, offers high-resolution imaging, intelligent onboard features, and durable construction for versatile surveillance needs
  • ANPR Engine & License Plate Recognition Camera come packaged in a simple and intuitive, single point, hardware setup
  • System comes equipped with weather-resistant junction box, optional high-speed WiFi package, and tripod arrangement

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License Plate Recognition Safeguarding Facilities in the Modern Era


Why Choose SentriScan LPR?

  • Scalable and adaptable to various environments, our License Plate Reader system caters to diverse industries
  • Access SentriScan LPR information remotely to receive instant event notifications from any location
  • Tailor alerts and notifications to suit your specific need
  • Enjoy comprehensive assistance from installation to ongoing support, ensuring smooth integration and operation
  • Equipped with an intuitive GUI, factory presets, and easy integration for hassle-free setup and operation

top-tier recognition

Enable advanced recognition of license plates, make, model, color, and vehicle type specifics

Cloud-Based Data Protection

Secure your data with strong encryption in our cloud-based system

End-to-End Support

Enjoy continuous assistance throughout, from installation to maintenance

SentriScan Compact ANPR/LPR Camera

Precision Imaging and Recognition

The heart of our surveillance system lies in the SentriScan Camera, driven by the state-of-the-art Carmen® ANPR engine. Its user-friendly GUI, and ONVIF compliance guarantee effortless integration and operation. With its adaptable lenses, single-cable PoE+, and outstanding low-light performance, it delivers unmatched recognition capabilities.

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ANPR Camera for License Plate Reader

Carmen® Box

Intelligent Integration for Enhanced Capabilities

The Carmen® Box, an AI edge network device, sets new standards in efficient and reliable surveillance, offering a blend of advanced features and user-friendly accessibility. Its standout feature is transforming various cameras into efficient parking control devices, offering plate finder technology, and expanding vehicle recognition across existing cameras in your environment.

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Carmen Box for License Plate Reader

Elevating Tripod

Tripod setup for license plate reader 1-1

Our tripod accessory offers sturdy support and seamless integration, providing stable and reliable mounting for your LPR system, ensuring optimal functionality


Junction Box

Junction Box for License Plate Reader 1-2

The single-door junction box features a durable structure with UL Type 1, 3R, 12, and IP66 protection, ensuring superior durability and weather resistance


Wifi Package

wifi setup for license plate reader

Our WiFi package boasts an IP67 waterproof enclosure, lightning-fast WiFi 6 speeds, and PoE for seamless outdoor installation


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How Do License Plate Readers Work?

Image Capturing

The SentriScan Camera, powered by Carmen® ANPR, captures license plate images. Advanced algorithms decode these images, extracting plate numbers for identification.

Data Processing

The extracted data undergoes rapid processing within the Carmen® Box, enabling real-time analysis and comparison against databases for identification matches.

Action and Logging

Verified matches trigger actions like access grants or alerts. The system logs vehicle movements, providing instant tracking and comprehensive surveillance capabilities.

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