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Episode #4 - The Few. The Proud.

In this episode, we dive into the unique backgrounds of life and military experience to bring a diverse group of dudes together and make an unstoppable team. How has our perception changed since leaving the military? What are some lessons learned that we have brought with us to Kontek? Check out the podcast to see what is new and upcoming in force protection work.

Episode #3 - The Engineers of Kontek

In episode #3 of Complacency Kills, we explore the world of engineering at Kontek. How does one get into blast and ballistic related engineering? What is it that drives these guys everyday to perfect designs and create lifesaving systems for military, law enforcement and security groups. Check us out at

Episode #2 - Protect Thy House

Episode #2 of Complacency Kills (Protect Thy House) covers the methods and best practices of target hardening. These general principles apply to schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, commercial facilities and much more. This episode goes into depth on ballistic glass, structural armor, security vestibules, bollards, gates, access control and much more! Be sure to follow us and listen on Spotify and Apple Podcast!

Episode #1 - Boxes That Stop Bullets

This is our pilot episode, exploring the use case for guard booths, why blast & ballistic features are critical and what impacts decisions have when selecting features for a booth to be able to fight from.