Complacency Kills Podcast

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Episode #11 - Guard Booth Selection - What Do I Need To Look For?

Michael Witt and Matt Scott sit down to discuss some of the key considerations and features you should be looking into when designing and deploying a new Blast/Ballistic Rated Enclosure (BRE) or Guard Booth. 

Episode #10 - Preparing & Responding to Active Shooter Threats

Preparing and responding to active shooter events is a task & mission that should be at the forefront of every school boards mind.

Episode #9 - Defending the Target Set

Critical infrastructure faces a variety of outside and inside threats within their organization that range from impacts of disturbing day-to-day operations and SOP changes to radiological release.

Episode #8 - What Should I Look For In My Tactical Training???

In the 8th episode of Complacency Kills - A Kontek Podcast, Mike Witt and Billy Barton with Kontek Industries sit down to have a quick chat on some of the factors they look for when evaluating tactical instructors, courses and training equipment.

Episode #7 - Working With General Contractors

In episode #7 of the Complacency Kills Podcast, Billy Barton and Nick Kesser sit down and discuss what the value add is for General Contractors to work with Kontek when physicals security is a portion of the project scope.

Episode #6 - The Evolution of Armor

This is our sixth episode of Complacency Kills - A Kontek Podcast, discussing the evolution of armor from our experiences, from the 1990's to today.  Massive leaps have been made in armor systems, the focus on the level...

Episode #5 - In The House At Kontek

In the fifth episode of Complacency Kills - A Kontek Podcast, Michael Witt (Director) and Adam Baird (COO) sit down to discuss the transition from an outsourced manufacturing model to performing the builds in house.

Episode #4 - The Few. The Proud.

In this episode, we dive into the unique backgrounds of life and military experience to bring a diverse group of dudes together and make an unstoppable team. How has our perception changed since leaving the military?

Episode #3 - The Engineers Of Kontek

In episode #3 of Complacency Kills, we explore the world of engineering at Kontek. What is it that drives these guys everyday to perfect designs and create lifesaving systems for military, law enforcement and security groups.

Episode #2 - Protect Thy House

Episode #2 of Complacency Kills (Protect Thy House) covers the methods and best practices of target hardening. These general principles apply to schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, commercial facilities.

Episode #1 - Boxes That Stop Bullets

This is our pilot episode, exploring the use case for guard booths, why blast & ballistic features are critical, and what impacts decisions have when selecting features for a booth to be able to fight from.