Troop Housing

 Mortar Shield & Ballistic Protection

Kontek’s ballistic and mortar protected units offer .50 caliber armor piercing and 120mm quick fuse mortar protection to all types of housing and camp support requirements. Modular units of other facilities such as electrical generation, fuel, showers, mess hall, sleeping and meeting spaces can be designed and configured as needed.

All protected in convenient, containerized shipping and storage system well supported with existing field deployment equipment.

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  • Provides ballistic protection up to .50cal AP and mortar protection up to 120mm quick fuse
  • Easily configurable living quarters 
  • Built into standard 20’, 40’ and 45’ shipping containers
  • Equipment available for electrical, lighting, climate control, built in beds, lockers, storage, shelving
  • Modular protection panels are easily replaceable should one be compromised
  • Easily warehoused
Troop Housing

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