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Complacency Kills - A Kontek Podcast

Complacency Kills - A Kontek Podcast - Episode #1 - Boxes That Stop Bullets

Episode #1 - A discussion on guard booths, ballistic protection and understanding what is important when selecting features in a booth.

Complacency Kills - A Kontek Podcast - Episode #2 - Protect Thy House - Target Hardening

Episode #2 of Complacency Kills (Protect Thy House) covers the methods and best practices of target hardening. These general principles apply to schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, commercial facilities and much more. This episode goes into depth on ballistic glass, structural armor, security vestibules, bollards, gates, access control and much more! Be sure to follow us and listen on Spotify and Apple Podcast!

Complacency Kills - A Kontek Podcast - Episode #3 - The Engineers of Kontek

In episode #3 of Complacency Kills, we explore the world of engineering at Kontek. How does one get into the blast and ballistic related engineering? What is it that drives these guys every day to perfect designs and create lifesaving systems for military, law enforcement, and security groups.

Complacency Kills - A Kontek Podcast - Episode #4 the Few. The Proud.

In this episode, we dive into the unique backgrounds of life and military experience to bring a diverse group of dudes together and make an unstoppable team. How has our perception changed since leaving the military? What are some lessons learned that we have brought with us to Kontek? Check out the podcast to see what is new and upcoming in force protection work. Listen to the podcast at https://www.kontekindustries.com/comp...

Complacency Kills - Episode #5 - In The House

In the fifth episode of Complacency Kills - A Kontek Podcast, Michael Witt (Sales & Marketing Director) and Adam Baird (COO) sit down to discuss the transition from an outsourced manufacturing model to performing the builds in house.

Kontek Overview

Kontek - Kannapolis, NC

Threat & Vulnerability Assessments (TVA) - Why Do Them?

Kontek Introduction Video ‐ Made with Clipchamp 1

A Minute With Kontek - Ballistic Glass

A Minute With Kontek - Steel Armor Explained

Kontek 2020 - Tactical Innovation

A Minute With Kontek - Chase Tobin

Kontek - Force Protection - Security & Defense Solutions

A Minute With Kontek - Matt Scott

A Minute With Kontek - Mike Witt

Kontek Industries Introduction - How Can We Help?

Be Bold. Start Something. Kontek Industries

A Minute With Kontek - Force Protection

Kontek & Tac-Tote - Magnetic Tactical Storage

Blast & Ballistic Rated Enclosures

Upgrade Ballistic Windows to Defensive Fighting Positions

Kontek NIJ IV, 30' BRE Medium

Mobile Ballistic Rated Enclsore Setup Kontek

Refurbished MBRE - Kontek


BRE Walk Through

Kontek Tower Erection

BRE - 3D View

Kontek - GP3 Turret Weapons Port

Kontek BRE & Ballistic Guard Booths

Ballistic Protection Redundancy

Kontek - Modular Truck Bed Fighting Position

Kontek - Blast & Ballistic Rated Guard Booth

Integrating Flexible Security Operations - Ballistic & Blast Mobile Guard Booths

Guard Booths & Guard Shacks - Built To Meet Your Mission.

Prefabricated Guard Booths - Made Easy!

Guard Booths - Blast & Ballistic Rated Enclosures - Why Upgrade?

Tactical Training

Mobile Modular Shoot House

Kontek On The Range With Busch Protective

Kontek - Walk Through - Mobile Modular Shoot House

Kontek - GP3 Trainer

Mobile - Modular Training Wall

Kontek - Large Scale Integrated Setup - Mobile Modular Shoot House

Kontek Side Battle - Tactical Games 2020

Tactical Training - For Law Enforcement, Force Protection & Nuclear Security

Kontek Mobile Modular Shoot House - Quick Installation Guide

Armor Solutions


Kontek - Mobile Response Shield - Introduction

Target Hardening For Law Enforcement Agencies

How Is Armor Rated? What Ammunition Will It Protect Against?

Weapons Ports - Must Know Info!

Kontek - MFP Lite

Kontek - Mobile Response Shield

Modular Ballistic Window Retrofit Kit

Target Hardening - Kontek

A Minute With Kontek - Steel Armor Explained

Kontek Mobile Truck Bed Fighting Position - NIJ-III

Kontek - GP3-M - Armored Turret Port for Armored Vehicles

Kontek MFP-Lite V2 Fighting Shield - Deploying

Kontek - NIJ III Ballistic Shield

Kontek - Ballistic Shield Testing - NIJ-III+

Kontek Industries - GP3 - Advanced Turret Weapons Port Introduction

How Can I Make My Facility A Hard Target? Ballistic Glass, A Great Place To Start!

Courtroom & Judicial Proceedings Security - Where Should I Start?

Target Hardening - Custom Designs

Upgrade Your Armored Vehicle - Advanced Weapon Ports

Kontek - Armor Express - Body Armor & Tactical Kit - Law Enforcement, Nuclear & DOE Security

Next Generation Turret Port for Armored Vehicles

An Introduction to Ballistic Shields

Kontek - Ballistic Armor Test - Ballistic Shield Prototype - Strike Face

Testing Ballistic Glass!!!


IFI-14 Breach Test

IFI Attack Test


Breach Test Compilation

Breach Resistant Fencing - Mechanical & Explosive - Kontek

Explosive Breach Test - Advanced Anti-Cut/Anti-Climb Fencing

Anti-Cut - Anti-Climb Breach Resistant Fencing

Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication


CPSB Crashtest Windows Version

Calpipe PDT1200 Series K12 Crash Test

Industry Day

Free Annual Tactical Training - Kontek Industry Day - Law Enforcement, Military, DOE Security

Training for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) - Kontek Industries

Free Tactical Instruction, Explosives/Breaching Courses and Competition - Kontek Industry Day 2020

Kontek Industry Day 2020 - COVID Safety

Free Annual Tactical Training

FREE Tactical Training - October 7-8, 2020 @ The Government Training Institute - Kontek Industry Day

Kontek Industry Day 2020 - Blueridge Armor - B4DI

Kontek Industry Day - Last Preparations

Kontek Industry Day 2020 - Day #1