SpecTrain was founded on the basis of bringing experience based tactics and firearm training to the everyday civilian and more.  We have worked tirelessly to bring you training that prepares you for the moment we pray never comes.

We have built our curriculum and courses to constantly challenge you no matter your current skill level. We provide you with a playbook and skillset that allows you to train on your own and prepares you to protect what matters most no matter who you are. 

Our mission is for you to leave training with a new found level of confidence and self-awareness. Our hopes are that you never stop learning and seeking training. Our courses are designed to take you and push you as far as you want to go.

For more information about our protective armor offerings through SpecTrain; please visit: https://spectrain.us/


CORE Classes – Pistol & Rifle

We will begin with fundamentals. We start building you from the ground up beginning with stance and working all the way through the moment you press the trigger. This course will waste no time in getting you ready and quickly builds both accuracy and speed as it relates to overall performance in a gun fight. We also throw in a bit of shooting on the move as well as moving then shooting all the while you are being photographed by our creative team, Thomas and Matt.

Plan to have a great time while learning how to fight.



Critical Applications Classes

With Critical Pistol Applications, we wanted to take what we learned during Core and push further. Critical Pistol Applications will push you physically and mentally while focusing on skillset. Its more than a level 2 course, we make you ready and give you new found confidence while carrying every day.




Precision Rifle Classes

Precision Rifle Core was carefully designed to establish a solid foundation in precision rifle shooting. The course focuses on The 3 major aspects of; fundamentals of marksmanship, collecting and recording rifle data, and understanding of ballistics. With a Straightforward approach deeply rooted in the Marine Corps scout sniper program. This course will afford students the knowledge and skills they need to go forward and make predictable and repeatable hits on targets past 600 yards.

SpecTrain's first 2 day course will include classroom instruction as well as 2 days of range time. With a low student to instructor ratio, Precision Rifle Core will cater to the individual needs of every shooter. So whether you will be shooting targets for fun, animals for food, or carrying a long rifle for Military or LE purposes, this curriculum will give you the tools you need.



Site Security Classes

We offer onsite walk throughs, probes and training with your team and rep out practical application training that will simulate situations our instructors have been in and won. We will equip your safety team members or first responders with ways to hide in plain sight while protecting what matters most to you. Our instructors have served as both dignitary and personal protective security specialists and physical security professionals. The SpecTrain Cadre have been at the forefront of medical and tactical integration for active shooter training with CMPD and CFD and can help equip your team with a playbook when dealing with mass casualty and active shooter events. We can provide this training from both sides of the spectrum, both on the Law Enforcement/First Responder Rescue Task Force side and the civilian response to such events. There is no reason to remain a soft target.


Cover & Concealment Dynamics Classes

During this course you'll learn how to fight behind cover and identify the difference between cover and concealment. We will also put you through a one man room clearing block that will lead into a force on force scenario based training block. We will then shoot through common walls and other media and you will have an opportunity to see what your chosen carry/defense ammo will do in the environments we live and fight in. 

You can run your rifle and/or your pistol during this course. However, you must complete a Core course for the weapon system you sign up for and bring to this course.



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