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Michael Witt

Director of Sales & Marketing

Michael Witt is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Kontek Industries. Michael is responsible for coordinating and executing sales strategies and marketing campaigns for the company.  

Prior to joining Kontek Industries, Michael was the Vice President of Sales of a U.S.-based physical security and surveillance company, where he managed a sales team supporting global security companies, the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Energy, law enforcement agencies and various defense groups across the world.

Michael Witt served in the United States Marine Corps from 2006 – 2010 and conducted combat operations in Afghanistan on multiple deployments.

Michael has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Gardner Webb University.


Billy Barton

National Sales Manager - Security & Defense

Billy Barton is the National Sales Manager for Security & Defense related markets including federal, state and local law enforcement, Department of Defense, public venues and all other related agencies.

Prior to joining Kontek Industries, Billy has experience in Tactical and Strategic Planning with prior and active engagement in Tactical Marksmanship instruction with our partner SpecTrain, LLC. Billy also has experience in business operations, technology and sales.

With his passion for providing optimal and creative solutions for customer needs, Billy is an asset to Kontek’s mission of innovation and excellence.


Matt Scott

National Sales Manager - Critical Infrastructure

Matthew Scott is the National Sales Manager for Critical Infrastructure, Energy and Nuclear markets.

Prior to joining Kontek Industries, Matt was an active duty United States Marine for 10 years and honorably served 3 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of operation. He was awarded the Purple Heart in 2010 for his selfless efforts.

Given his extensive military background, Matt’s experience in force protection, defensive strategies and high threat security support the overall mission of Kontek Industries in protecting people and assets.

Matt Scott has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Chase Tobin

National Sales Manager – Law Enforcement, Security & Force Protection

Chase Tobin is the National Sales Manager for Law Enforcement, Security & Force Protection; serving local and state law enforcement, government facilities and commercial entities focused on force protection.

Prior to joining Kontek Industries, Chase was an active duty United States Marine for 5 years and honorably served 3 tours in the EURCOM/AFRICOM and PACCOM theaters of operation. He has also worked as a security professional in both healthcare and academia.

Chase Tobin has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from East Carolina University and a Master’s degree in Homeland Security from Liberty University.

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